We have undertaken a public campaign to raise awareness about the McNeil government’s cuts to programs and services and are asking the public to email the Premier and their MLA as well. The public are being directed to our main NSGEU site. “” has been designed for you, the NSGEU member primarily; although all are welcome.

We also bought ad space on billboards, print (newspapers across the province), and radio to carry our message.

View the billboard and print ad below. Click on image to enlarge. 



In January, government cut 11 positions in child welfare services in Barrington and Guysborough.










Here are some of our campaign materials: 

BudgetCutsCardrevised_Page_1 BudgetCutsCardrevised_Page_2


Poster for download and sharing. At the end of February, government announced they were cutting 58 front-line positions in parks and Visitor Information Centres (VICs) and closing two VICs.