Tell Your Co-workers

This is our member-to-member campaign page.

Thank you for your interest in talking to your co-workers about this important campaign. The Civil Service has been targeted by the McNeil government and they are intent on cutting the size of government and jobs, cutting programs and looking at privatization where possible, attacking your job security language, restraining your wages, and lengthening the terms of the next contract.

We have seen the cuts to park and Visitor Information Centre staff as well as cuts to child welfare services. We have seen the elimination of the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism affecting 41 NSGEU members. Government has permanently eliminated 42 vacant positions in Community Services and has cut 10 positions in five other departments along with the shutting down of 13 Land Registry offices across the province. They ended programs like Community Counts and have cut important cultural agencies like Film and Creative Nova Scotia and Gaelic Affairs and Acadian Affairs. They are also in the process of shutting down rural courthouses in communities across the province. We wonder what is next?

It is important that you spread the word about what this McNeil budget may mean to you and your co-workers.

This website is part of our NSGEU Campaign with our members. It outlines what is at risk and includes our toolbox with what we think our members can do to help send a message to the government. The actions include sending direct messages to the Premier and your MLA as well as lobbying your local businesses to do the same.

We have developed a card to share with your co-workers that will help you start the conversation about what is at risk. Cards will be sent out to the local presidents as part of the campaign but if you do not know who your local president is, or would like to order some for your own work site please contact us: 902-424-4063 or toll-free at 1-877-556-7438 or by email at

Here is the card:

Card for membersFinalFeb20single_Page_1

Member-to-member card

Card for membersFinalFeb20single_Page_2

Member-to-member card (back)



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Here are some of our campaign materials:

BudgetCutsCardrevised_Page_1 BudgetCutsCardrevised_Page_2

CSHandout Cardfor publicrevised_Page_1

This ad is on billboards in HRM and in Sydney.


This is sized to be used as your Facebook profile picture.



Poster for download