Volunteer: Be A Site Leader

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be a site leader.

What is a Site Leader?

A Site Leader would be a direct line of communication between the members at your worksite and your Local President. You act as an ambassador for the Union and the campaign and help represent both in a positive manner.

What does a Site Leader do?

We would send you campaign materials and information and you would share it with coworkers. You would communicate about the campaign through face-to-face conversations, occasional phone calls, and posting information within your workplace.

You would share any issues that arise out of discussions with the members with your Local President. We want to know if our campaign is working and how we can help build on it. We also need to know what isn’t working and how we can help fill any gaps that our members are identifying.

You may want to hold meetings at work, over lunch perhaps, to discuss the campaign. You would help coordinate these meetings with your Local Executive. However, we will be relying on you as a Site Leader to help make these events a success.

We want to thank you for your time and effort as we work together to ensure the rights of all of our members are not only maintained, but also advanced as we continue to work together. Our Province, Our Services, Worth Protecting!

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