Public Service Award

PREMIER STEPHEN MCNEIL “But just as bad, according to the premier, is the public service award, …“I think people are wondering how is it that we can afford to continue to have the kind of benefits package that we have at a time when (the province faces) such difficult financial constraints.” Premier Stephen McNeil, Chronicle Herald, Dec. 16, 2014

It’s no secret and it is mean spirited. The Premier has said he is targeting the Civil Service Public Service Award.

In early January we sent out an email to all members regarding the upcoming threat to the public service award. You can read it here.

Good for the Employer

This Award was hard fought in negotiations over the years and benefits the employer (Civil Service) as well as the employee. It has the overall effect of stabilizing the workforce. Employee turnover has a cost and in the public service, like other workplaces, the cost to service can be quite substantial. When people leave their jobs, it is distracting and disruptive to the whole organizational environment.

Good for the Employee

The Award is one of the only benefits which reward employees for their commitment to their years of public service. It is one (1) week’s pay for each year of full-time service to a maximum of twenty-six (26) years.  In the private sector, employees may receive bonuses which encourage them to stay in their jobs. The civil service has no such thing. The average amount of the award for unionized members is somewhere in the mid-$20,000 as the average salary is in the $50,000 range and is a taxable benefit.

Good for the Economy

The Award puts money into the hands of hard working Nova Scotia taxpaying public sector workers who are most likely to spend it in the local economy at local businesses or on local services. If the Award is cut, it will mean less money in the hands of local businesses.

Cutting the Award from our Daughters and Sons

We want to protect the award from being cut for ourselves and for those who are coming behind us. We have negotiated a benefit that stabilizes our work life and rewards us for our dedication to public service.  We must defend this for the good of our workplace and for our children who may work for the government in the future.


Please do as many or all of the things in the “Toolkit” to raise your voice to protect and defend public services and the benefits we have negotiated over the years.

Our twitter handle is #actnow.  Some suggestions for tweets could be:

Ivany report recommends innovation, not cuts to public services @nsgeu #actnow

McNeil:don’t cut jobs & programs in spring budget. It will make NS worse@nsgeu#actnow