Job Security

LABI KOUSOULIS  The public service contract is set to expire at the end of March, and… Kousoulis…did say the government would target the memorandum of agreement. The policy has a more negative impact on the province’s finances than any wage increase in recent memory, he said. As it stands now, there is zero mechanism to have any layoffs.” Chronicle Herald, Sept. 23, 2014. Labi Kousoulis is the minister responsible for the Public Service Commission.

In the Civil Service collective agreement, there are extensive provisions to protect NSGEU members whose jobs are redundant and who are facing layoff. These provisions have been in place for many years and have ensured that the job security of NSGEU members who work for the Civil Service is protected. Typically, affected union members are placed in vacant positions for which they are qualified. Some members may decide to take severance pay instead of being placed. Very occasionally, senior union members may displace or “bump” junior members, but those junior members have job security rights too.

There is nothing new or unusual about these rights. Minister Kousoulis complains about a memorandum which provides enhanced rights in cases where there are no vacancies available. The employer and the union have not had to resort to this memorandum often, and never to its ultimate conclusion. The memorandum has not cost the province of Nova Scotia more money than wage increases in recent memory.

The government would like to go backwards and take away good job security language. It is time to stand up and defend your collective agreement.


Please do as many or all of the things in the “Toolkit” to raise your voice to protect and defend public services and the benefits we have negotiated over the years.

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